Friday, March 12, 2010

This is For You, Angelique!

Hey...I have been so so busy. This week I am watching Dougie for Angelique and Justin while they are in Hawaii. I wanted to post some quick pictures so they could get a good look at their little guy. I remember how much I missed Ty the first time I left him.

A random picture of my girls, and how they look alot of the time:

Dougie REALLY loves to be read to. Oshin snapped this shot of me...notice how beautiful I look with my unkept hair and stylish sweatshirt...I'm afraid this is how I am doomed to look this week.

This is the expression Dougie loves to make this face for pictures. I'll have him smiling so big, then as soon as I hold up the camera, this is what I get:

Just hanging with the ladies...

My favorite thing about Dougie are his hands and chubby and soft!

He is doing great you guys. Yesterday he fell in love with me and is now obsessed. ha. My kids are totally into him. Carolina follows him around like a little mommy and picks up any little crumbs from my floor...then she runs them to me and says mom, we need to throw this away, Dougie almost wanted to put it in his mouth! This has caused me to start sweeping my floor like someone with OCD.

I'll post more when I have another minute!