Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Favorite Mamas

Just wanted to mention all of my favorite MOMS today.

Thanks mom, for being pregnant and miserable for me...then having me and raising me to be the woman that I am. You did a great job...look how I turned out!

The other MOM in my life! You have always treated me as one of your own.

I still have all of my grandmas. They are AMAZING WOMEN!!!

My mom's mom:

My dad's mom:
Joey's mom's mom:

....and dad's mom:

Everything I am able to do for my own kids come as a result of years of hard work by these amazing moms. I love you all so much.

I had a great day today. Roses, chocolate, hand made gifts from my kids, a long nap and NO DISHES! After the kids sang a primary song in sacrament meeting Carolina asked me "Mom, are you so happy that you are about to cry?" I wasn't, I was more in a giggly mood watching my kids up there, but it made me think. I am doing exactly what I always dreamed of. Being a mom is hard and good. So to finish, a picture of my little darlings. The reason why all the hard work is worth it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And Then Came Oshin

The day after my parents left on their mission, Oshin Salas and her dad William came to stay. William was one of my dad's missionaries when he was Mission President in Peru back in the day. They have stayed in touch. William's daughter had a life-long dream to come to the U.S. and go to BYU. My dad arranged for Oshin to live with us for a couple of months to work on getting into college and especially on learning ENGLISH.

William stayed for two weeks, I'm pretty sure to ascertain that he was leaving his daughter in good hands and not with some crazy people. It was a good visit, although I felt so bad that he didn't get to see more of the sights, as this was his first trip to America. As a lady with 5 kids, one of them a newborn, it was tricky getting him around. (thanks family members who helped!)
Here he is, saying goodbye to Oshin at SLC Airport!

I enrolled Oshin in some institute classes at UVU, and tried to involve her in YW's as much as possible. I helped her to take the SAT and jump through all of the hoops required to apply to BYU and BYU Idaho. In the process I think I probably improved my Spanish much more than she did her English. It was a great experience for our family though, and she became an honorary daughter of mine. She bonded with the kids so much, especially the little girls.

Oshin went back to Peru last week and I am already missing her so much. My kids ask about her every day. I must say that I LOVED having a teenage daughter.

I wanted to include some pictures of our trip to Arizona for spring break. It was fun to show Oshin some of the countryside...we went through Vegas on the way there, and flagstaff on the way back. It was a great road trip!

We snapped a pic of the nearly completed bridge over the hoover dam.
Fiona at one of our stops.

The girls eating an American classic...the grilled cheese sandwich. It was funny feeding Oshin, I never knew if she was going to like what I made. She is a super polite person....hard to get a read on. She lived in Japan for alot of her hmm, Peruvian/Japanese food???

Went to visit Grandma and the cutlers while there. We went to the Valvista Lakes clubhouse and fun. Grandma was cold though.
At the Cutler's house.

We went to a D-backs game with the boys, and Fi and Oshin.

We had a great Easter.

We went swimming one afternoon to Basha Pool.

More pics of my visit to Aunt Vickie
Just hanging around.
We went to a cool museum of cowboy art.
Grace and Poppy striking his signature pose.

It was a great trip to AZ, and while we were there, we found out that Oshin got into BYU Idaho!!! It was so exciting. She starts January 2011. We are proud of you Oshin!

Some Randomness

I am the first counselor in the Young Women's Presidency. This is a busy calling. I don't write much about it, but I thought I would throw up a quick pic of some of the girls. Right now I am busy planning camp and trek. Help!

I told these girls to pose "busy" during our "Iron Chef" activity. It turned out really fun.

Are they beautiful or what? I thought 14-15 year old girls were supposed to be more awkward!

This is Debbie, my advisor and dear friend. I LOVE her!!!

Okay, to make this post live up to it's title of randomness, I will now post a picture of my adorable daughters in their Christmas dresses, and tell you a cute thing Carolina Jones said. She asked me when we could go to disneyland. I said, "Someday" which she replied, "Mom, someday is when I am going to get married."

Maybe the underlying theme to this post could be, beautiful women!

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

I am enjoying looking through my pictures to make these updates. For my brothers and sisters this post will feel like a walk down memory lane.

My parents left in January to be the Mission Presidents of the Madrid Spain Missionary Training Center. It was hard to see them go. They had been living with us for six months, which I think made them leaving even harder for me. On the day they left for the MTC in Provo I put on my happy face and said goodbye. Immediately upon hearing them shut the door, I started bawling my brains out...then I heard the door open again like a minute later. I was so embarrassed at my hysterical state that I yelled "get out of here!" My mom stammered, "I'm going, I just forgot this one thing". I then yelled "Don't look over here" (I was around the corner on the couch). She was out the door pretty fast and I resumed my pity party. It was funny.

We went a couple of days later to say our official goodbyes at the MTC. It was a neat experience. I was excited for my kids to get to be there, along with all my brothers and sisters and their kids too. I am really trying to help my little group understand what this is all about.

Robbie found a picture of the prophet, and was so excited to show all the kids.

What a group.

This one is blurry, or is that just me crying?....not sure.

I miss my parents tremendously. I sometimes wish I didn't like them so much. My sisters and I joke that we even miss them when we are with them. I never even had those rebellious years when your parents drive you crazy. I have always loved to be around them. Why is this? Is it my mom's sparkling conversation?...oh wait, that's just me talking her ear off while she does Sudoku. Could it be my dad's gentle ways, his sensitivity?...HA. I'm not sure, I just know that they are my people.

So mom, dad, if you are reading this, come back soon! And by soon I mean exactly when you are supposed to, in one year and nine months!

Here I Go Again

Are you ready for more updates? I will start in January. My in-laws came for a great visit and we blessed Fiona and Henry on the same day. We figured one party would be easier. Okay, prepare yourself for LOTS of photos: (photography by Cortney Boice by the it!)

The woman of the hour: Fiona!

And now with the man of the hour: Henry! Henry, by the way, is so incredibly chubby by now that it was funny to even look at these pictures. I am really behind on this blog. Fiona is much taller now but her face is still really similar....not Hens though!

I hesitate to put this chubby-faced picture of myself, but hey, I was there and I this IS what I looked like that day.

Joey with his incredible parents. I love this picture because they all look so happy.

Four generations of Emigs! Joseph, Ruth, and Joey.

My parents with both babies, by now Fi was out of her fancy dress, but still cute.

My dad did the food. It was quite the spread. (thanks daddy.)

One more of Fi. She is sporting her grandma Lori's blessing cap and blanket. It was a good day.