Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Some updates for my mamas...

This is Carolina, going to get her cast off. The only problem is that her funny limp is now apparently a habit. So when she's running, it kindof looks like she is skipping. We keep telling her "Walk normal!"

This is a picture of the kind of messes Carolina makes. I took a picture as evidence for Joey.

Jack with his AMAZING kindergarten teacher Mrs. Bowles. He was "star of the week" this week.

Jack in his new uniform for little league. He is on the Padres and is #1. He was so excited to get this number!

My sister Sam came to visit this week. This is Owen with Aunt Angelique.

Justin with Kate and baby Dougie...sorry I cut his head off.

We tried to do some fun stuff, like going to Chuckie Cheese.

We were dancing, I LOVE Ash's dance hands.

Kate and Owen, busting a move.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pictures

Easter came. The bunny found us. Enjoy the pictures.

The girls.

I made an attempt to do cute hair...

Gotta love the bruise on the forehead.

My little men.

They wanted to do a lot of goofy poses.

Okay, let's try all four...and then hurry, because church is at 9:00am.

CC looking at Ty, and Jack looking at Grace. I wish they would ALL look at me!

Sorry Joey and I aren't in any...that would just be too crazy.

Friday, April 3, 2009

#8 Now Grace Has the Flu

Wow, having posted all the pictures from March on my blog...I can see that I actually have had accomplishments this month (besides napping.) I feel like such a hermit, sitting here so nauseous all the time. But I guess just hanging out with my kids is worth something.

Okay, so finishing off my review through last one of GG. She has the flu, poor baby. I love this picture of her sleeping.

#7 Gracie Girl and the "Hand Doll"

So Ashley invented this game for Grace where her hand is a doll...I'm not sure whether to thank her or sue her. I pretty much play this all day with her, as does Ash when she's around. As I lay in my bed all day (reminder...I'm sick) Grace takes care of my hand. She kisses it, sings to it, puts it to bed, changes it's diaper, even tells it stories. It is pretty funny. I am actually amazed at what a great mom my little 2 year old is. She's quite the natural. Here are some pictures of her in action. The hand is Ashley's. She made me promise no pictures of her face. hee.

Grace telling baby "shhhhhh" (nice hair, right?)

Putting it to sleep with a blanket.

A kiss.

Okay, so here is my first try at a video clip. This is Grace singing to the doll. (you might have to turn up your computer, I was kind of far away.) She sings a mix of bah bah black sheep and twinkle little star. Warning: This may be too boring for non-grandparents.

#6 Carolina's "Un-Birthday"

Carolina has a summer she celebrated her "un-birthday" at Preschool (Miss Cathie's Academy). I love this preschool with all my heart. All of my kids have gone there so far and I hope Cathie doesn't retire soon, because I want Grace to go there too. amazing lady who is the perfect person to teach my quirky little Carolina.

Posing by the poster I made for her special day.

With cousin and schoolmate Eliza, who she totally idolizes. (For Grandma Connie and Grandpa Doug)

#5 Jack Lost his Front Tooth

The pictures speak for themselves.

#4 Vietnamese Cooking

Linh came and did a wonderful activity for my Young Women. She taught them how to make crab cheese won tons and fried bananas. It was so fun. I was proud of my young women for trying everything. Thanks so much Linh!!!

Aren't my girls cute?

#3 Carolina Jones and the Broken Leg

I know the mamas want to see a picture of CC's cast...

Auntie Kaelynn brought Carolina some goodies. She loved the attention and has already colored every picture in her Minnie coloring book.

Carolina is hobbling around like a pro is funny to hear the "thunk" on my hardwood.

A Months Review in Pictures...#2 Angelique's Baby Shower

A beautiful night with a great turnout. Unfortunately, once all the guests started arriving I was busy writing down the I sorta stopped taking pictures. I wanted to post what I have though.

Linh made DELICIOUS pork and potstickers. I cannot believe I don't have a picture of Linh...

I took some pictures to show how adorable Kaelynn had made her house. See the cute onsies she hung (and later gave to Angelique).

A cute sign in table with guesses for birthweight, length time and date, and also advice...

The gift table, with "It's a boy" on diapers.

Outside her house.

Angelique's special chair.

The guest of honor.


A funny picture of the 3 pregnant ladies...

The "hostess with the mostest" Kaelynn...

The spread. Please notice the cute baby booty candy containers Kaelynn made for everyone to take home.

This was a great night. Thanks Jason for watching all 10 kids at my house...that was above and beyond the call of duty.