Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving in AZ

Happy Thanksgiving! I'll start with a great shot of Gracie in her pilgrim hat.
We decided to head for AZ this year for Thanksgiving for some good family time with the Emigs. Joey booked a room in Vegas so we could go halfway after school on Tuesday. A good idea in theory, but in all practicality it made for a night not soon to be forgotten. Sleeping in a room with 5 kids is never a good idea. At 3 in the morning Joey and I looked at each other and started laughing...what were we thinking??? The kids thought it was pretty fun though. We stayed at the Palms. The room was quite nice, but I wasn't sure about the whole thing when Grace said "look mom a bunny!!" (pointing to the playboy insignia that was prominently displayed throughout the hotel.) Jack said "I've been seeing alot of bad pictures around mommy." I told him to just look the other way, and he said "yah, that's what I've been doing!"
We arrived in South Chandler (we call it the boondocks) on Wednesday and the fun began. We had a wonderful dinner on Thursday...the kids ate outside and there were 6 of us at the dining room table. I am used to crazy and loud was rather refreshing. The food was DELICIOUS!! (I will have to add pictures of this later after I steal some from Natalie's camera was in the bedroom where Fiona was taking a very substantial nap...I was NOT about to risk waking her up right when I was about to get my eat on!)

Some highlights of the week: Joey and Ty got to go to an ASU football game, hanging out with the Christensens, eating at My Big Fat Greek with the fam, playing games, lots of trains, boggle with Dave and Joey and the dad, dinner at Lindsays', Gramy taking the kids to tangled and to In & Out, Joey letting me sleep in one day, lots of hanging out and having fun. We extended our trip so we could spend more time with the mom and so Joey and his dad could attend the Cardinals game that was Monday night. The only bummer of the week was the BYU/Utah game...sigh.

The boys at the movie...
And the girls....
I absolutely LOVED the movie (Tangled). We had so much fun.
Then it was off to In & Out for the best food ever. It was a great afternoon. Thanks Gramy!!! (Sorry this picture doesn't have you in were closing your eyes in the ones I had with you...)
While the Joey and Dad were at the game, and Ty and Jack were running around with the Broekman boys, we had a quiet afternoon. Gramy is very patient and spent hours playing with the girls.
A couple of car shots on the drive home. By staying the extra days we avoided nasty roads for the trip home. We were so happy about that.
My kids are amazing travelers, but it is still a long day with 5 kids in a minivan.

It was a great trip. I love is all the good things about Christmas, like family, and food, traditions and traveling, but without the stress of presents.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Summer Out in the Yard

We had a summer rainstorm...the kids threw on jackets and went out to frolic!

I love this picture of Gigi...she really trys to pose when she sees me with the camera. It cracks me up.

Just a little video of the kids playing with Fi. Ignore my annoying voice PLEASE!
We love to be outside in the summer. I snapped some pictures of the kids hanging out after eating dinner on a picnic blanket.

Carolina taped this heart to her nose because she was pretending to be a carebear.
You know you live in Lindon when this is an ordinary kind of occurrence.
hmm...we better get a closer look!
Gotta LOVE Carolina's outfit...where is your mother, girl?
Just wanted to throw in some cute shots of the twin cousins...(may 2010)

When you live in Lindon, you will probably spend a good portion of your summer digging a big hole.
Good work, team Emig!

Tyson Joseph Emig Turns TEN

Tyson, my first baby boy, is now huge, and nearly a man. He had a fun birthday with his buddies. He chose to go down to byu for his the byu hall of fame, and then bowling at the Wilkinson Center.
From L to Right, Jason, Jack, Tyson, Tanner, Casey, Robbie, Oli, and Philip:
This awesome guy Robert, could tell he was dealing with some serious BYU fans, and gave us an EXTENSIVE tour of the facility, including taking us back to see the team in a closed practice, and lots of behind the scenes stuff.
The boys, watching the team practicing.
Educating the boys on important BYU stuff:
Then it was off to bowl. On the way to the Wilk, the boys saw Noah Hartsock from the basketball team, and chased him down to say hello. Here are the boys:
Ty and best buddy Casey:
Who loves bowling?
You know your kid is old when he is excited by a present like this:
A quick stop to the creamery and presto: the best birthday EVER! (By the way...Ashley watched my girls so that I could be "in the moment"...which was the best idea ever!!! So much less stressful than usual. Thanks Ashley!)
Tyson loves sports so much and loves to play football, baseball and basketball. He enjoys video games (mostly sports ones) fantasy sports and emailing his cousins and grandma. He is the classic first child, extremely responsible and helpful. He is great with little kids. Things I want to remember: his awesome smile, how good he helps in the morning, his sense of humor, hugginess. Things I would rather forget: some occasional eye rolling, and lots of funny, whaaaat? saaaa-hick, geek. Tyson is a wonderful person. I am so proud to be his mama.

A Rite of Passage

Okay, so I am on a roll! I am really trying to get all my pictures up from the spring, summer and fall.

In August Joey taught Tyson how to mow the lawn. Ty was none too excited about it. The kids are pretty convinced the only reason we had them was to do our work.

Team "Havin' Fun"

In August, Joey's cousin Cannon came for their annual golf tournament at Riverside. They love to say they got first place in "having fun"...I guess a way to put a positive spin on their not so great golf scores! Cannon brought some team uniforms...great for team unity. I just had to post these priceless pictures.

It was a great weekend, good food and good company.

A Visit to Sam

In June, my sister Sam had a baby, Joslyn Miller. I was so excited to make a visit sans kids, so I could see the new arrival, and actually be semi-helpful for once in my life. Making the trip even more momentous was the fact that my mom would be there too, all the way from Madrid. I knew I had to make this happen!! My mom-in-law donated a airline pass so that I would be able to go. THANKS MOM EMIG!!! Ash went the 2 days before me and so we were there for 1 night together. We took advantage of the opportunity to catch eclipse together as sisters!
Me and my MOM!
Playing beauty parlor with the twins.
I can't remember if it was Kate or Owen who snapped this shot.
We did alot of laughing...which was not great for Samantha's c-section wound!
Love that we are all in pjs most of the time.
I had to include this picture of Kate, because I love the fact that we are watching The Bachelorette. (including Kyle)
Owen with sister.
My mom bought the girls these sweatsuits from Costco...adorable. Also while there, I was able to get 4 church dresses for sixty dollars, and lots of school clothes for the girls. The time went so quickly, as all great times do.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fall, at a Glance

Fall means flag football, and this year Joey was the coach of Ty's team the "cougars". He took it quite seriously. Tyson's buddies, Casey, Tanner and Jay were on his team. They had so much fun together.

Joey, out coaching with playbook in hand.

Where is that baby's mother??

Nothing means fall like pumpkin carving. Here is a peek at family night the week of Halloween.

Jack was trying to make the same face as his pumpkin.

More to come...