Monday, March 23, 2009

My Baby Broke Her Leg

Okay, so as per the title of my blog...this is a post to tell my family that Carolina Jones broke her leg. She was jumping on the trampoline and her cousin landed on it. The neighbor boy Steve carried her home. I put her to bed that night, thinking she had sprained her knee. Over the weekend, she seemed to be getting better. The slight swelling went away and she could bend her knee. Joey was out of town, and I was struggling with my nausea, keeping the house together and making it through until he got home. This morning, with Carolina still refusing to put pressure on her foot I decided to go get it checked out. I went to instacare...knowing they have an x-ray machine, which I found out was broken! The doctor sent me to the hospital just as a precaution for x-rays. What a day! Her tibia and fibia were now she has a hot pink cast from above her knee to her toes. So that is the short version. I haven't even really turned on the computer since the pregnancy nausea kicked in....but I thought you would all like to know.

I will post pictures later of her cast, I can't find my camera right now, but here is a picture Joey took on her first day of Sunbeams in January....she was not sure about leaving nursery behind.

My Blogging Hiatus

Okay, so obviously...I've been on a break. My closest peeps know the reason, and I will now announce it to the world. I am pregnant.

I'm a person who gets really nauseous for about the first 16 weeks or so. My main goal during these horrible weeks is to sit very still. I turn into a strange hermit. I watch my kids and home get dirtier by the day. I am about 11 weeks right now....just waiting it out. I have to tell everyone I am pregnant, or they think I am acting very strange. My mom says I get "this look". So, no, I'm not glaring at you... I am just concentrating very hard on keeping my stomach from losing its contents.

So, if you drop by and notice my kids are still wearing pjs at 3:00 in the afternoon, please know, I'm just getting by here! One side benefit...I have lost 10 pounds. My jeans feel absolutely dreamy, for the moment. (Don't worry, I will make up for this later, when I love food again....I can't wait.)

I have been praying alot and reminding myself that TIME WILL PASS.