Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rock Band

I know almost every family around this great country has similar photos of their family playing this hilarious game...but I couldn't resist posting the following....

Justin and Angelique, Ashley and Cort and Joey and I had a fun (and funny) night of Rock Band. This was in January sometime, but I am just getting to it.

You might want to click on these pictures to get the full effect of the facial expressions.

I love Ashley in mid-clap on this one.

When Cort knew I was going to snap a picture he would pull the funniest faces.

Joey, really getting into the vocals.

Justin takes a turn on the mic...

Ashley, singing along even though someone else was the lead. Cort isn't the only one who likes to pull faces.

I like this one because I am playing the foot drum for Ash. Once again, love the faces.

Dad, can't wait til you get back from the mish...you are gonna love this game!

Did You Think I Would Ever Finish?

Okay, I am so proud. I have one more day of my trip to tell about. Our last day I was already getting sad. I LOVE being with my parents...and with Justin and Angelique, and Joey without the kids. The real hero in this story is my sister Ashley (you too Cort). Without the Boice's, this trip wouldn't have been possible. I know how crazy it is with all of those kids at once...Ashley is a tough woman.

We took a taxi downtown, through bad traffic. I guess Justin and Angelique's cab ride was a brush with death, and more exciting than a roller coaster. We boarded a "mirabus" to go all around Lima and see the sights. This picture was cheesy at the time, but I sure do love the result.

We went for the top deck, and got alot of sun that day. Angelique was smart to wear a hat.

A picture of the original 4D, where we would go for all our birthdays to get excellent gellato. I had one while visiting, and it was just as good as I remembered it.

A picture of a hillside, I love all the colors.

Downtown in the colonial part of town.

This is a church we went into. We got to tour the catacombs...which were SUPER creepy, bones as far as the eye can see. Joey used his iphone to take some illegal pictures. I'm sure he will post them, he thought it was awesome.

After the bus tour, we went to lunch with Dad's "boss" Orlando, Armando and the Lambs at a chinese buffet. We went back to the house and rested a bit, then dad made delicious tacos for dinner and we sat around and talked the night away. Justin and Angelique left at night and we left at the crack of dawn...for another horrible itinerary of travel. We got home 22 hours later.
Finally, what my mother has been waiting for....here are a couple of pictures from when I got home. Check out my cute girls in their peruvian sweaters and snow hats.

This is my laundry pile. It was so enormous I took a picture to commemorate it. Notice the inca cola t-shirts, they were a real hit.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tuesday in Lima

Tuesday was a very eventful day for me. My dad went to work while the rest of us headed off to Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This was the private school my family attended while in Peru. We spent alot of our time there. I had butterflies in my stomach on the way there. When we checked in with the guard we kind of had to talk him into letting us go in. I didn't have i.d. with me, but just kept smiling, and he relented. He told us to go in the ASB office and talk to Mary Nakata.

I about fainted when I saw Mary and she said "CALI?". She was in my class when I attended 6, 7 and 8th grades there. She now works at the school in the alumni office. It was so bizarre to see her, looking the same and knowing me too. Bear with me, I took alot of pictures.

The ASB building.

The elementary school. (The campus is divided into 2 sides, elementary and junior high and high school with a huge grassy area between)

Me posing in front of my "cubby" from sixth grade. (I don't like my hair, it was early in the day and it was still wet...and it is like this in all these pictures, what a shame. hee) But look how excited I look! Then I found my 6th grade classroom open. So I snuck in for a quick picture. I had Mr. Healy, it even smelled the same.

The library. I spent ALOT of my time reading.

The high school side, where I went once I was in 7th.

Justin and Angelique, walking. It was so amazing to be at Roosevelt with Justin, and sharing our memories. It was one reason I really wanted to come to Peru with him specifically.

Me in the halls...just a little taller, curvier, and minus the big red glasses.

Justin and I were hoping to find Manolo, the candy guy, on campus. He had a store with all kinds of treats to buy. Justin even had an "account" with him. Instead we found this plaque in his honor which says "in memory of a great man who affected the lives of all alumni of Colegio Roosevelt for 35 years." It was pretty touching.

This amphitheatre has been enclosed. It used to have a picnic table right where I am sitting, where my friends and I would eat lunch every day. I went to dances here, and was even in a couple of plays.

Walking the halls with my peeps.

The gym.

The grounds.

Inside the gym.

Wow, it was surreal to be back it this place. I loved it.

Next, we went to visit Dad at his office. The church has beautiful buildings, with grounds. A wonderful place to work. This is Joey, out front.

My mom, proudly showing us the cafeteria.

My mom at her desk.

This is where it all happens.

After a visit at the office, we were off to see the home we lived in while here from 1987-90. The family who lives there works for the church, and were so nice to let us come go through it. I took pictures of everything! Here are some of them.

Joey and Dad walking down my street.

The park by my house, beautiful, if a bit stinky.

The front gate. My heart was racing at this point.

Joey and I at the front door. He was such a good sport about acting interested in all of this.

Me in front of my bedroom window.

The view from said window.

Inside, a hallway.

Part of the kitchen.

Outside, looking at the addition.

The side alleyway, I had to put this for my sisters, we used to chase each other around the whole house.

In the backyard.

On the back patio.

The front yard.

Front of the house.

Outside the front wall.

My street.

After the house we went out to lunch with Armando...I had a delicious steak sandwich with eggplant on it. Then we went by our old church building.

Later that night we went through a temple session in English at the Lima Temple. The temple president and his wife and Elder Nash and his wife were there. It was a really special experience.
Then we couldn't decide to have pizza or chicken, so we ordered both. This was one of the best days of my life.