Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy Hair Day, Dance Class

It was spirit week at school, and I wanted to throw up a picture of crazy hair day. The best quote that morning was when Jack said, feeling uncomfortable with the whole idea of it all: "Mom, I'm just not a crazy hair kinda guy!"

I told them to pose "crazy"...Grace didn't have crazy hair day at her school, but every day is crazy hair for her...until I tame the wild fluffball that is her hair. This entails lots of spray and brushing.
Here is a picture from the girls' dance class, I thought Grandma Connie might enjoy. They were doing sleeping beauty, and the teacher even bought Gracie a special dress in a smaller size...is she short or what?

The girls favorite week was Lion King, and they wanted to pose to show their tails:

These sisters sure love each other!

A random post I know, but I am trying to get my pictures up.

Fall Break

The kids were out of school and my sisters out of town. What's a girl to do? Joey worked and the rest of us "hung out". We played games and watched movies. One night we went up the canyon for a little hiking with the kids. Those of you who know me well are probably gasping right now. We are not big on hiking per se....but it was fun and most importantly, FREE. Here are lots of pictures for the grandmas.
I tried to get pictures of each kid...Ty:

Gigi, all bundled (it was a little chilly, but the leaves were changing and it was beautiful):



Baby Fi's first Cheese Puff:

Add Subway sandwiches for an instant party!

Everytime we go up the canyon I am amazed by the beauty and vow to take more advantage of living here in Utah. We'll see how it goes.