Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thirteen Years and Counting...

Joey and I recently took a trip back east for our 13th wedding anniversary. We went with his cousin Cannon and wife Tiffany and had a blast. We spent the first night in Baltimore. I was surprised by how beautiful this city was. We stayed downtown at inner harbor. The first night we went over and caught an Orioles/Yankees game. It was a beautiful night, great company, awesome stadium, delicious bbq, and even a great game (orioles beat the yankees and there were tons of home runs).

Look at this funny sign we saw in front of a church walking to the game.

We (and by "we" I mean Joey and Cannon) scalped tickets for 10 fun.

I know this picture is blurry, but I wanted a group shot.

The next morning, on Mother's Day we went to church at the Baltimore Inner Harbour ward, in downtown Baltimore. It was great. We then hopped in the van and jetted over to Washington D.C. for an awesome day of walking around our nation's capitol. With so much to do, and just one day to do it we saw what we could.
This museum was awesome, some of the highlights, the flag that inspired the national anthem, a collection of dresses from U.S. First Ladies, Abe Lincoln's top hat, the ruby red slippers from Wizard of Oz...and tons more!

The Washington Monument (or as I called it "the sticky uppy thingy").

The white house.

When we were here there was a crazy transient guy surrounded by police that was going on and on about how he needed to get into the white house. Our favorite line was: "The president goes in there, the first lady goes in there, my family is all in there, I've GOT to get in there."

We stopped to buy a famous cupcake. It was yummy.

It was a wonderful day in the city, and I decided I have to go back and see everything properly. It was amazing how patriotic it made me feel. My heart was beating so fast when we were looking at the white house.

That night we drove to Bedford Pennsylvania, headed for a resort called Bedford Springs. We stayed there the rest of the time. It is an historic resort built around 7 natural springs. It was renovated and restored to its present amazing-ness and re-opened to the public in 2007. They put ALOT of money into the place and it showed. I loved all the history and antiques, the serenity of the grounds, and the spa. Joey loved all of this too...but REALLY loved the amazing golf course. I rode 9 holes twice with him. It was so beautiful. Joey put it in his top 5...which is saying alot, because he has golfed some amazing places. Okay, so here are alot of pictures:

The restored pool room. The water is natural spring water. Gorgeous, right?

I took alot of pictures of furniture, the whole place was done right. I was in heaven.

Just a pretty hall I found. They restored all of these original skylights.

Our room, I should have taken a picture when the bed was made. hee.

Our room had a door that opened onto a beautiful shared porch with tons of rocking chairs. Look at the view.

A pretty staircase.

Out front.

The staircase from the other side.

We had a pretty fierce and competitive game of horseshoes. I kept having contractions.

I wanted to include this picture of a cool old gas station we stopped at in the town of Bedford.

The trip was so relaxing. I slept in, ate big breakfasts and had so much fun. I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful husband who I still love after 13 crazy and fun-filled years.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm So Behind

I'm so behind in everything. I have alot to post about and no time to do it. It is overwhelming. I have decided to start with today. Jack was in a play for his kindergarten class. It was seriously adorable. Here is a picture for the mamas...

Click on this one and see him delivering lines. Jack's teacher did a great job of teaching them to practically yell their lines. It was awesome. One time the audience all started giggling because Jack said his part so loud. I did bribe him beforehand with a little lego set, because he wasn't too excited about the whole thing. (For the grandmas I have it on video time we are together you can check it out.)

Jack caught me taking this picture, I love his cute face.

Also, an announcement that I am no longer sicker than a dog! I am finally left my morning (not to mention noon and night) sickness behind. Hooray for me. Much more blogging to come.