Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Super Random Post

This post is just picture I like from 2012, that don't seem to fit into any particular post.

Fiona with newborn baby Will in July 2012.
Tyson went on a 50 MILE scout trip in July.  He wasn't quite 12 yet so Joey went with him for part of the time.  It was a huge deal in our summer.  Joey was not excited about the whole thing.  Here is a picture that one of the kids snapped with my phone (I think it was actually Henry).  We are at Ash and Cort's house the night before borrowing gear for Joey to use on the trip.  I love how I am holding the pack list, and all of our different expressions.
I need to look on Joey's computer for actual pictures of Tyson, but here is Joey doing his victory arm in the air when he got home.
Some of Tyson's scout awards.  It was a very rewarding trip.  It was as hard as Joey imagined it would be.  I gained a real love for this scouting program...Ty left my little 11-year old kid, and came back a man..haha.
Carolina and Grace got invited to Eliza's birthday party which was a real highlight of their summer.  Eliza usually celebrates in Oakley, so this was really fun for my girls.
We managed to make it to one Orem Owlz baseball game with the kids.  (It was hard to get out much, having just had a baby)
Why is it that pictures make everything look so darn fun??
This is just my kids, eating dinner, (Jack must have been in the bathroom).  I just love seeing these faces around the bar in my kitchen.
The next two are pictures of my Young Women, at different activities...I never really blog about them, but they are a big part of my life.  I put alot of time and love into my calling. (1st counselor in the young women presidency...for over 4 years!)

This picture doesn't really need a caption...I just love it!
Tyson, doing what he does....taking pictures of himself.
The next four pictures are of me with my kids on "grandparents day" at school.  I was the youngest looking "grandma" there!  I had to include all of them, so none felt left out.  I just love that I have 4 kids at Aspen Elementary.  It's really neat.

I live in a beautiful place.  I take picture of sunsets all the time.  I love my neighbors, and my little
This is a surprise birthday party we pulled off for Bishop.  I just love how Ty is sharing a seat with his buddies.  It has been really fun having him go to mutual with me!

Jack Turns 10

Jack's birthday was the day I brought Will home from the hospital.  Needless to say, Joey had to be in charge this year.  He just took a couple of school friends to Jump on It.  It was great though, and I was really glad I didn't have to worry about anything.  Joey really came through for me.

The best thing Joey did was ask my sister Ashley to be in charge of Jack's cake.  He really wanted a ninjago cake, and she really delivered.

 Jack was so excited when he saw it.  Thanks Ashley!!
 Jack with his school buddies Hunter, Alden and Brody.
Okay, so here is what I love about Jack...He is extremely smart and curious, and really handsome.  He is really helpful with Will.  He is my best behaved child at school.  His teachers always rave about him, and he always gets straight A's.  He has a very developed idea about what is right and wrong, and what is fair.  (The other day he said: "hey mom, why do you sometimes say 'life isn't fair' and sometime you say 'life is good'?"  apparently these are two things I say to him alot!)  He loves to stick up for the underdog, and doesn't like bullies.  He is an avid negotiator.  He is very motivated by incentives, and is a driven person.  I think he will go far in life.  His interests include legos, ninjago, video games, reading, minecraft, playing outside and reading.  He is creative, and funny, and very quick-witted...we are working on positivity in attitude and comments.  I love him so much.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

William Mays Emig

I took really good notes on my phone about Will's birth. So now I will give the run-down on the day. My blood pressure had been pretty high the whole time the Christensens were visiting.  I knew I was "pushing it" but I really wanted to have the baby WHEN I wanted to have it.  Ashley was visiting mom and dad in Washington and I was scheduled for an induction in another week.  I wanted Ashley to be home and my mom to come.  The Sunday the Christensens left I laid down all day, as I had been doing the whole time they were visiting.  My blood pressure was getting higher and higher.  I called Ashley and told them all that they had better start driving back if they wanted to make it to the birth.  I called Lori and told her she better fly in.  Monday morning we went to the hospital and told them I was having high blood pressure (Dr. Baxter had told me if I got certain readings to go straight to the hospital).  It was 7:00am.  They put me in the monitoring room and took my blood pressure.  The first reading was 174/116.  The nurse's name was Sherry.  They called Dr. Baxter and I was admitted right away (room 121).  By 8:00 I was already on Magnesium Sulfate, a medication which prevents seizures due to high blood is the worst ever, but I was expecting it.  At 8:45 Dr. Baxter came by and broke my water...yow. 
I started feeling contractions right away, the pitocin started, I was pretty nauseous.  I got my epidural at 9:45...I'm a big believer in pain control, haha.  At 11:30 Ashley and mom came to visit.  This was the first birth of mine that my mom witnessed.  She had visited me for a bit with Fiona, but left when it got crazy.  It was so awesome to have her there.
This is Joey.  Notice he is wearing his Willie Mays jersey.  He was still heavily campaigning for the name.
At noon, Lori came.  I was so happy and honored to have all my "people" there.  I was dilated to a 4 and 90% effaced.  Dr. Baxter came in and chit-chatted with us for quite some time.  I loved it!  They all had a great conversation...I remember hearing some golf talk, and lots of other funny stuff.  I love my doctor so much.  He has delivered all my babies since Jack.  That's 5!!! 

I love this picture.  Everyone was just kinda hanging out waiting for me to DILATE ALREADY!!  I was feeling so weird on the Magnesium, and kept throwing up.  I remember hearing the sounds of their various iphone games going.  My mom was playing something that dinged alot and Joey was playing kept saying "EXCELLENT!!"  I felt like it was talking to me!

The day slowly crept on.  I was going way slower than I thought I would.  My mom-in-law was feeling nervous because she had to leave for the airport before 7 to make her flight.  She had to work.  Every time they checked me I was still at 5 cm.  I was feeling so so sick.  I was throwing up alot.  I had a headache, was having hot flashes, and was over-all just weird.  At 6:45 as she was getting ready to leave I remember having a conversation with her...just thanking her for being there for me on such a big day, I was so sorry she was going to miss the birth...I was crying.  She was getting her stuff together and I started feeling something major happening in my body.  Ash said I should have them check, since she was leaving anyway.  I was feeling major pressure, I wanted to push.  The nurse came in and I had to convince her to check me as she had just checked me 10 minutes earlier and I was at a 5.  She looked shocked when she checked me....I was ready to push!!!  We were all crying as it was pretty dramatic.  Lori put her purse back down and came 7:00 my baby was born!!  Lori was able to touch him really quick, hug Joey, and run out the door to go to the airport.  It was like a scene from a movie!!
William Mays Emig, 7-09-2012, 6 lb 12 oz, 20.5 inches long, time of birth 7:00pm.

The first visitor I had was Linh...unfortunately, I was too "out of it" to have snapped a picture!  Lots of visitors came later.

Jack had strep throat a couple of days before so I made him wear a mask.

Mike and Alli were even in town.  She is pregnant with Nora in this picture.

Going home from the hospital picture!