Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Scared...

I have alot to update, but can't find the motivation. My daughter CC has been up to some unusually naughty hijinx this week (paint...walls...carpet....) It is too soon to talk about.

I am going to girls camp this week. They put me in charge of the huge group of boisterous beehives...even though I usually work with the mia maids. I am shaking in my boots. Keep me in your prayers.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Carolina Jones Turns FOUR

Today we had a birthday party for CC. I cannot believe she is only turning 4. She is a little busy body...a grown-up in a kid body. I don't write that much about her, because she is really hard to explain (you kinda gotta meet her)...also, I don't want her to have a chip on her shoulder about anything I write. She is extremely verbal (talking perfectly since 18 months)...has strong opinions and is very quirky. She makes alot of funny faces, its hard to snap a picture of her where she isn't making a face. She was my very easiest baby, until she was about 15 months old, when she really blossomed into a busy, busy person with LOTS of ideas. I really had to baby-proof EVERYTHING. I had already had 2 boys and thought they were pretty wild, but I was in for a huge surprize. I found out that they were pretty mild toddlers, compared to my little CC. When she was little, we called her "miss entitlement". She hasn't changed much. She is named for Joey's mission (and a NCAA basketball title) and also after my mom, Connie Jones. I love this daughter with all my heart. She is spunky, and funny and strong.

Here are pictures from her party today.

I let Carolina choose one friend from the ward to invite. This is her buddy Mandy.

Ashley had me take a picture of these sisters holding hands. Cute.

It was a "Littlest PetShoppe" party. Here is her Jello poke cake, just like I used to have.

This is a picture of Carolina freaking out when she opened Grandma Connie's present.

Minnie Mouse from Eliza. (CC LOVES minnie!)

Joey was in charge of games.

Carolina with the afore-mentioned gift.

It was a great party. A special thank you to Gramy too, she brought a wonderful tea set the week before, I have pictures I will post later of the fun that ensued. Also, thanks AHA....your package came to our door right before the party started and Carolina was THRILLED to get something in the mail!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Verdict is In...

I had an ultrasound today. Our fifth baby is a GIRL. I was secretly hoping for a boy because my sister Ashley is having a boy, and our due dates are within a week of each other. It will be fun for my girls though. They really feel like they "won", because my boys wanted a boy and they wanted a girl. Jack was pretty upset. He said, "she's just going to grow up and be annoying like CC". He suggested Ash and I trade babies. He thinks it would be perfect, because we could get a boy with brown hair...just what he wants. Funny.