Thursday, September 2, 2010

What Carolina Said Today

After day two of kindergarten, this is what Carolina said to me: (I quickly wrote it down word for word so I could get it right) "Mom, I'm starting to love this boy because he said I'm kinda beautiful."

Here we go...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Days of School

I really want to be caught up on my blog...but Ashley gave me some good advice today, so I am going to blog about what is going on now, and go back later and finish the summer. I really want my sisters and mamas to see the kids back to school pictures, so here we go!

I was really sad when I found out that Miss Cathie's Academy was filled (I didn't register in January like I should have) so I finally signed Gracie up for a preschool by my house. It was conveniently located and still had openings. So long story short, she had her back to school with Mommy, then her official first day (where she made a friend named Hope and the boys in her class kept stepping on her toes), and was just getting ready for her second day when Cathie called me. She had a sudden opening and wanted to offer it to me, as all my other kids have gone there and we are good friends. At first I didn't know what to do, but quickly decided to un-enroll her in the preschool she was in and to go with Miss Cathie, who would be starting the next day! I was a little worried that Grace would be confused or upset, but she took it all in stride. She was very excited to have another "first day of preschool". I feel great about it.

So here is Grace riding the "train" at the other school.

Here she is with her new backpack, I love how this shows how short she is.

Grace was so excited to FINALLY start school, like her big sister Carolina.

Gracie with the boys, they were so proud of her!

So the boys had mixed feelings about getting back to school. Ty has a man teacher this year, and when we went to back to school night, he got nervous. But it is going great so far!

Jack has Mrs. Lepore, who Ty had last year. He was a little worried about how Ty represented the "Emig" name, which made me laugh.

Tyson wanted me to take a picture of his nikes to show his grandmas. I found a great deal, and made him pitch in some of his own money, because he wanted them so bad.

Ready to go.

Grace's second first day of preschool, with the aforementioned Miss Cathie. Carolina took her in and helped her find her chair with her name on it.

I signed the girls up for a little dance class once a week with their cousin Eliza. We went and bought them ballet shoes last Saturday. They were really excited to get home and start dancing. I LOVE THESE PICTURES!

Please click on this picture for the priceless expressions on their faces! I told them to point their toes.

Each week in their dance class they explore a different fairytale. The first class was Cinderella, and the teacher brought out costumes and wands for them all. I was smiling so big. I have been doing boy stuff for 10 years, and this was my first "girl-mom" moment. I was so happy the girls could be in this class together and with their cousin too. (I tried to get pics with all three cousins for you mom!)

So today FINALLY FINALLY Carolina Jones had her first day of kindergarten. I don't know why they start them a full WEEK after the other students, but it was hard for her. Every day she would ask, "Is today my first day?" We had her outfit planned and laid out for a couple of days...even Gigi started before her. Here she is:

The classic backpack shot!

I love this girl. She is so brave.

Here we are at the school, she was immediately talking with friends from church, so my last 2 pictures are just the back of her. I called out her name as she was going in the door, and she looked back and gave me her big quirky smile and quick hugs or tears here.

I was in shock this morning. finally, they were all in school and I only had Fi. I went and got Ash and made her walk around the mall with me, even though I didn't want to shop really...I just wanted to be out! So fun. I love school. (Carolina had a great first day, by the way. She loved her teacher, and everything about kindergarten!)