Wednesday, June 9, 2010

May Means Baseball

May was all about BASEBALL for our family. The boys both play, and they are on different teams. They have 2 games a week and practices besides, so we are pretty much at the ball field every night. It is pretty crazy with all the kids, but also fun. There is a "snack shack" with cheap candy, and the kids are really obsessed with buying treats. They are both getting good at the sport. Jack loves to play to the crowd, and get people to cheer for him. His best buddy Brody is on the team with him, which has been great! (A team dad takes lots of great pictures and sends them to lucky!)

Tyson has really improved. Joey says he is very "coachable". I have watched him turn in to a real hitter. It is strange to watch your little baby do stuff like this. When the ball is coming towards him at shortstop, I hold my breath and just hope he can catch it. When he makes the play I feel so happy for him. He hasn't struck out too much, but when he, he gets mad. We have had to have lots of talks about sportsmanship. It is really fun to see him evolve from the silliness of t-ball, to the seriousness of little league. Every year it gets more like real baseball. The kids can actually field the ball. The other night Ty crushed one way out to the outfield, I thought it could be a triple...then the kid way out there actually caught it! (I will post pictures of Ty playing later...I don't have any yet.)

Joey is obsessed with baseball. The competitive nature of his fantasy league is quite intense. Because he has "players" on so many teams, he watches LOTS of baseball, not just his favorite teams. So, if you are interested in what I have been doing for the last month....its BASEBALL.

My Cool Cousins

This post is written by Tyson, age 9.

On June 27th my second cousins are coming.They are staying for 9 days and for the 4th of July.Their names are, Cooper (Floyd) age 9, Ryland (Ry)age 12,Dane (Monkey)age 7, Bryson (Cowboy) age 4, Colter,age 1 and uncle Cannon. They are all boys.

We like to stay up late and watch suns games and play basketball. We also like to play video games and put pictures on my computer.

Almost every 4th of July they come here and we stay up late. And we like to have sleep overs. Last time they came Ryland got the swine flu.

Last time I went to Arizona we had a 3 point contest and whoever made it got 1 buck! And I made it and so did Dane we went to the final round. But he won so he ended up with 2 bucks.It was still awesome.