Friday, October 31, 2008

Has it been two years?

So my baby is no longer. Grace turned 2 yesterday. The time has flown by. I remember when Ty was 2, he was a little man....I would put him in time-out if he did anything wrong, he could speak perfectly, I made him clean up after himself. My how things have changed. Gigi, is my baby. I hold her, carry her around, let her drink bottles all day. Maybe its because she is so short. Maybe it is because I realize how fast they grow up. (Ty got embarassed when I kissed him the other day.)

Okay, some facts about Grace. She is the perfect mix of my father-in-law Joe, and my mom, Connie. She is named in honor of Joey's mom's family, (Grace Christensen) they are the Christensens from Grace Idaho. She has always been really small. She has the loudest voice of all my kids. She wears a scowl most of the time, even when she is not mad. She is incredibly sassy and spunky. She gives the best hugs on the planet...wrapping her legs and arms around and squeezing so tight! If you can't tell by my blog already, I am obsessed with her.

I could put the story of her birth on here, but to be honest, I would have to consult her baby book on that one. The four births of my children have kindof blended in my mind. I have had to have magnesium sulfate with all of them (for toxemia) and so it's hard to remember details. So I am putting on tons of pictures of her birthday, for your viewing pleasure.

I made cupcakes for the kids and a mini-sized cake for my mini-sized Gracie!

Some pictures I took right before her party. (and when I say party, I mean my kids singing happy birthday and eating cake)

Here are Carolina, Jack, Gigi and Jack's friend Brody making wrapping paper by coloring pictures all over the back of Christmas paper....I'm pretty good at improvising.

Gracie blowing out the candles. This took a couple of tries, as we had to teach her how.
Her favorite present was a little horsie with wheels to ride around (thanks Grandma Connie) but I thought this picture was funny, because as we were trying to put it together, Gigi was so excited she was riding just the wheels around.

She got a little dollie, which she loves.

Oli and Robbie got her a microphone...the kind of gift the kid LOVES and the mom hates!
Opening presents! She also got a little bratz doll from Grandma Jones, and clothes and an adorable blow up table and chairs from Grandma Lori. (It has been non-stop tea parties since then.)

Happy birthday Grace!!

Goodbye, sweet mullet

I gave Grace her first haircut this week. Ashley (my sister) has been telling me it's time for awhile now. Grace was blessed with a full head of FUZZ. The back had gotten long and wierd. So here are the results: from the back, side and front.

Look at her awesome profile. I enjoy her soft cheeks and chubby chin. I love this little woman!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've resisted blogging...why start now?

I'm sure anyone who happens upon this blog will be surprised that I have FINALLY joined the craze that is blogging. I have been thinking about this for a long time. Can I do this? Will it feel like yet another thing in my life that is waiting to get done, like the laundry sitting in my laundry room upstairs? Do I have anything interesting to say? These questions remain to be answered. But outweighing all of my exuses and concerns is the real pull of a blog, to keep in touch with all of my people. The title of my blog is the reason behind it..."This is for my mamas."

For a couple of years now, I have been reading your blogs...cousins, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, friends old and new....and have loved every moment of it. I love to look at your children, hear your funny stories, see what you are up to. I feel like I am in touch with you...involved in your lives. Like today for example, I read that someone told my sister-in-law, Emily that her daughter looks like Alicia Silverstone (which by the way, she really does Em). I love that story, and it makes me feel like Emily is right here telling it to me even though she lives all the way in Alaska. I guess I have finally accepted the fact that just because I know all about you, doesn't mean that you know about me. It's my responsability to keep in touch back. I have two moms that want to see their grandkids, they are far away. My sisters and friends want to know us. So I am going to try.

FHE & the ward Halloween party

This is the kids before the ward Halloween party. Notice Jack's face...he kept making this expression for every picture. Later I realized he was trying to look like the Indiana Jones from his video game. (see the next picture)

On Monday we had family night and carved pumpkins. Ash and kids joined us (we miss you Cort).

Grandma Jones was visiting and she watched the festivities from inside the house as it was a bit chilly.

Grace mostly played.

Oli and Ty's BYU pumpkins.