Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Christmas 2011

Okay, so I need to blog about Christmas.  That's how behind I am.  The problem is that this past Christmas, I was really sick (pregnant).  So my memories are hazy at best.  (Ashley tells me I was a real grinch...and I kept saying stuff like "my kids are only getting 2 presents each....they need to lower their expectations.." and other such ramblings) All I remember really is nausea, lots of nausea...and being a little overwhelmed by everything.  So I turned to my pictures to help me document the event.  The problem:  when I am sick, I don't think about taking many pictures!  The other funny thing, my kids look pretty disheveled in all of them.  So funny!  

Grandma Ruth came to visit Utah in December.  My kids love her so much.  She brought them gifts!

My grandma was showing the kids an Christmas email she received.  I just love this picture.

It was technically our "Earl" year, but my parents were still in Madrid, and all of my family were heading to their respective in-laws.  We decided to head to Arizona and be with the Emigs.  This was a wonderful decision for us.  My mom-in-law really picked up the slack for me (thanks mom for taking care of me so lovingly!!!), and all of the local cousins provided the "fun factor" that is hard for me to muster when not feeling well.  So without further ado...I present the sad collection of pictures I do have from this fun time.

This The girl table for Christmas dinner. I didn't take a picture of the boy table, but girls are so much cuter anyway. (haha)
Preparations for dinner.  My contribution, Rhodes rolls.  They went easy on me.

We had an amazingly talented group of performers.  Nat organized our "pageant".  I just got to sit back and watch the magic.

This is Fiona performing her "talent", which was to point to different body parts I named.  I included this picture, because it is the only one I could find that I am in.  I was there, I promise!!
Joey and his girls.
All the kids got the traditional pjs for their talent.  Lets see if I remember.  Ty did something with a football, some kind of trick I think, Jack recited 2 funny poems, the girls each sang a song and then there was Fi, with her amazing body part recall.  Gramy made these nightgowns for the girls.  They are their favorite thing.  They wear them almost every night.

All the girls with their "gramy jammies".
Okay, so Christmas morning I make my kids line up by age to go down and open presents.  So cute!

So like i said, I didn't take very many pictures, and the ones I did, seem to be of the girls!  Sorry Ty and Jack.  I do remember that Joey gave me some framed pictures from the Portland temple that he took at Mike and Alli's wedding (that's where we got married) and also an i-phone.  It was a wonderful Christmas.

More blogging to come!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So it's been a year...

I have decided to start blogging again....and just went in to my list of posts and found this draft which I never published.  I wrote it during spring break one year ago.....more to come!

It is spring break this week.  We are in Arizona visiting family.  My last blog post was in October, but it was about last year's spring break when we went to Rocky Point Mexico.  So basically, I am one year behind in my blogging...which is PATHETIC to say the least.  I just don't know where the time went.  I have faced the fact that I have never been a great blogger.  But to give up entirely seems a little dramatic, even for me.  I figure that in the future, I would rather have one post a year than nothing, so here we go!

In the fall I got pregnant with our 6th, and FINAL (yes, you can quote me on that) Emig baby.  We are pretty excited and scared about the whole thing.  We were really happy with the five we had, and felt life was busy and chaotic enough, but we decided to go for it anyway.  I am feeling good about the decision now that the sick part of my pregnancy is over...there for a while I was wondering how I could have ever consciously chosen such a thing.  Being sick is not fun.  I feel so exhilarated to have the experience of morning sickness (I don't know why it is called that, as for me it is CONSTANT for about 18 weeks!!) as part of my "past" at this point!  I am 25 weeks pregnant by now, with a really round tummy. 

The baby is a BOY.  We are pretty excited about that.  My sons, were truly dying for another brother, and the girls consider it "fair"...3-boys, 3-girls.  It probably would have been more convenient for me to have a girl, as I am doing "girl stuff" at the end of the family and will have to start over with scouting and sports and such...but we are all over the moon about this little guy already...(in my mind he is already "golden boy")  I am quite sure he will be the apple of our collective eye.

We had a busy fall with football for Tyson, and super-league baseball for Jack.  We went to Rocky Point during our fall break with friends.  It was awesome, the only bummer being that Ash and Cort couldn't come at the last minute because of complications with Ashley's soon to be born baby, Theo.  That was a scary time for our family.  We had a miracle when my nephew Theodore Bunker Boice was born healthy and strong (although tiny at 4 pounds).  It was so amazing to be at the birth of that baby.  I found out I was pregnant a couple of days before he was born.  It was an emotional time.  It was the week of Thanksgiving. We ended up going to Tucanos for Thanksgiving dinner.  Talk about an easy meal.  That was the last time I was able to eat (due to nausea) until my birthday in February. 

For Christmas we packed up and headed for Arizona.  We stayed two weeks!  It was really fun and low-key.  I was feeling so sick.  Everyone was so helpful with my kids.