Monday, October 17, 2011

Impromtu Trip to Rocky Point Mexico!

In May we went to Rocky Point Mexico with friends. The trip came together pretty last minute, which is unusual for me. I am not spontaneous. It was such a memorable trip. We were able to reunite with Joey's college roommates, Aaron Wright, Jeff Burke, Shane Vancott, and their families. My sister Ash and her group came too. I knew it would be wonderful, but wow, that ended up being an understatement. I was blown away by the beauty of the deserted beach, and how much fun we had with these old friends!!! It was a while ago, so I am just going to post a bunch of pictures which is the best part anyway. The good quality ones I stole off my sister's blog. The blurry low-quality ones were taken with my camera. Sometimes I don't even know why I bother.

I will start off with my very favorite picture. This is the whole group on our way home. We stopped at thrifty for ice cream and a final goodbye. I love these people! (not sure where Joey is??? Jeff Burke took the picture)

Okay, in no particular order:

We went to a rather sad aquarium. The kids ADORED it though. I love Jeff Burke in this picture. The kids still talk about this place and beg to go back.
Me, diligently sun screening!
The first day we got there, the kids got out of the car and high-tailed it straight down to the beach.
Ash and I cooking.
Look at this pristine beach with only us on it!
Joey and Fi looking at the sea lion, Arthur.
Ty getting his fanta on. I love this.
Good friends, good food.

Rocky Point was pretty deserted.
Here is our set up on the beach. Of course I require shade so I brought this tent.

Fiona cried when I took off this dress. She is such a fashionista.

Joey, walking down the beach trying to get better Internet. He had some important things happening at work. This picture makes my blood boil...and makes me laugh at the same time. He has assured me if we go again, he will take the time off work and truly NOT WORK!
I love this picture I took of Ash and Cort.
On the drive home we stopped at a park to eat our subway sandwiches. It was so fun and reminded me of road trips when I was little. Dad was always looks for somewhere for us to get our wiggles out.
Ashley always does my motherly playground duties. I don't like to slide!
Beebs and Henners.

Wow, what a group.

It was a great trip. I will end with another of my favorite pictures. This is the kids in the car plus Shane. We had a full van. It was funny listening to Shane boss the kids around. They still talk about how much fun his car games were.

Pictures I like

This post is comprised of pictures from January 2011-recent....just like the title says, pictures I like, in random order even.

They didn't pose for this or even know I took it. Joey is reading the kids Stuart Little. They love it. I love it too.
Grace had pajama day at preschool. I just love an elf in gold shoes.

Sisters playing babies in Aha's chair.
I love Grandma's face in this one.
In their winter dresses, looking out the window. They weren't posing, I just snapped this one.
I love these blue eyed kids!
Best buddies going out for a romp in the yard.
Carolina was sad. (But wow, just look at those eyes!)
Then she was happy...oh the life of a girl! I like this picture because it shows how CC lost her front tooth.
For every game we get all decked out in our gear!

I love this picture of Dougie I took when he was at my house when Angelique was having Mimi.

Jack's class put on a musical play "click clack moo, cows that type" Jack is great in these kind of things, using a loud voice and clear pronunciation.
The kids had "favorite literary character" day at school, which I felt stressed about, and was actually inclined to ignore. I couldn't believe it when the boys came downstairs that morning totally dressed in costumes that they had improvised themselves. Tyson was "thing 2" from Dr. Suess and Jack was a character from a goosebumps book entitled "vampire breath" (he even had a prop). I quickly helped CC dress like Goldilocks and we were set to go!

Do you want to see Fiona grow up?

I am a horrible blogger. Anyone who knows me knows this. I have decided to do a whole post with pictures of Fiona. At least I will have some scant recording of her baby years. As a fifth child in my family, she is lucky to have pictures at all. I love you Fi!
Fiona spends alot of time with Grandma Aha, who is so patient and loving with her! Fiona eats half her breakfast of egg on toast every morning...

Fiona's best buddy is Henry.
I remember taking this picture because I was so excited that Fiona was playing with Carolina and Grace. They play all the time now. It makes me so happy. It reminds me of Cali, Ashley, Samantha.

She has the same gap as Jack and CC.
Everyday I do my baby's hair. She loves to pull it out, so most of the time she looks a little rough around the edges, here she is sporting her rooster look.
Fiona's first pigtails! What an exciting day. She is finally starting to get hair.
Mug shot.
From the back.
The classic gross picture with food on face. I like her smile though. Fiona is a great eater. She has been my most coordinated child with utensils. She refuses to be fed like a baby and insists on doing everything herself.
She gives me this look quite often.

Go Cougars!!!!

Her newest thing is to make this face when I say she copying me?
Fiona is a fun baby. She is very opinionated and has a loud voice which she uses to get whatever she wants. She loves to sing and dance and is obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba. She is also obsessed with my ipad, and knows how to navigate it like a pro. She can play any game, or go into netflix and choose a show. It is kindof amazing. She is FINALLY starting to talk. Well, maybe I should rephrase that...she is finally starting to be understandable. She has been a blabbermouth since the beginning. She very bossy, and very well-loved. The kids are great with her. She is our little mascot. We call her by a whole host of nick names...Fi, fi-fie, nona, noner-bones, fin, fidstonias, ni-noni, fid the squid, to name a few. We love you Fiona Calista Emig!