Monday, March 11, 2013

A Year in Review

So I am just throwing pictures on mostly from 2012.  With captions.  This is where I am in my life.  Not much time for explanations or fluff...I'm not even sure what all of these we go

This is me with Ashley's baby Theodore.  I love this little guy.  We were really happy for him to get here safely Thanksgiving of 2011.
With Grandma Christensen
Pancakes at Kaelynns.  Sam was here apparently!  Wow, the past year has been a blur.
My little Fiona with Grandma when she was living with me.  My poor Grandma couldn't ever really eat in peace. 

This is at the 2012 school spelling bee.  Both Ty and Jack were in it after winning their class bees.  Carolina almost made it.  She won their practice bee, but was 2nd place for the real one.  Ty won the whole thing and went to districts. 
This is a picture from when our family got hit with a flu bug..
Tyson ready to go to districts for spelling...he wasn't too excited.  He got out on the word "mongrel".

A young women activity..with wedding it!

Ty was Jackie Robinson for his school's wax museum.
At some school thing with these rascals!
Joey and I got to go to a session of conference!
Gracie holding baby Theo.

For spring break 2012 we went to Phoenix.  It was really fun.  This is at a place we stopped to eat in Orderville Utah called "Souptown Cafe"  The kids loved it!

I am pregnant with Willie Mays.
We even got ice cream!!
This is easter egg dyeing with extended Christensen clan.
It turned into an impromtu swimming party.  Holland lent these girls some leos.

Lots of cousins. 


Easter morning, the big bunny had left a scavenger hunt to find their baskets!

Little Emigs all in a row, like step stools!
It was too sunny to get a picture outside, but I had to try!  I love these squinty faces.
This picture officially has all my children in it since Will is in my big tummy.  I just love Fi in this shot!
Ready, set, go....cousin easter egg hunt!

Joey is hardly ever in pictures...yes he does exist!!!

Off to the dollar movies with Grandma Connie and Grandpa Doug.
Fun times with cousins!  It is good to blog about something a year later.  Everything looks so fun and non-stressful.  haha

Joey and his dad took the boys for a quick trip to San Diego with Cannon and his boys.  Baseball, beach and Tacos...good stuff!


Earl Family said...

Yay for updates!I love all of your pictures.

I love viewing your life through instagram and blogs. It is pretty pathetic that we never see each other and we are only a few blocks away.Bleh.

gramyflys said...

Great post, Cali! I loved re-living all these fun times. Thanks for doing this. You are awesome.

Ike and Linh Earl said...

Love this!! Better late than never! Good Job!!