Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Super Random Post

This post is just picture I like from 2012, that don't seem to fit into any particular post.

Fiona with newborn baby Will in July 2012.
Tyson went on a 50 MILE scout trip in July.  He wasn't quite 12 yet so Joey went with him for part of the time.  It was a huge deal in our summer.  Joey was not excited about the whole thing.  Here is a picture that one of the kids snapped with my phone (I think it was actually Henry).  We are at Ash and Cort's house the night before borrowing gear for Joey to use on the trip.  I love how I am holding the pack list, and all of our different expressions.
I need to look on Joey's computer for actual pictures of Tyson, but here is Joey doing his victory arm in the air when he got home.
Some of Tyson's scout awards.  It was a very rewarding trip.  It was as hard as Joey imagined it would be.  I gained a real love for this scouting program...Ty left my little 11-year old kid, and came back a man..haha.
Carolina and Grace got invited to Eliza's birthday party which was a real highlight of their summer.  Eliza usually celebrates in Oakley, so this was really fun for my girls.
We managed to make it to one Orem Owlz baseball game with the kids.  (It was hard to get out much, having just had a baby)
Why is it that pictures make everything look so darn fun??
This is just my kids, eating dinner, (Jack must have been in the bathroom).  I just love seeing these faces around the bar in my kitchen.
The next two are pictures of my Young Women, at different activities...I never really blog about them, but they are a big part of my life.  I put alot of time and love into my calling. (1st counselor in the young women presidency...for over 4 years!)

This picture doesn't really need a caption...I just love it!
Tyson, doing what he does....taking pictures of himself.
The next four pictures are of me with my kids on "grandparents day" at school.  I was the youngest looking "grandma" there!  I had to include all of them, so none felt left out.  I just love that I have 4 kids at Aspen Elementary.  It's really neat.

I live in a beautiful place.  I take picture of sunsets all the time.  I love my neighbors, and my little
This is a surprise birthday party we pulled off for Bishop.  I just love how Ty is sharing a seat with his buddies.  It has been really fun having him go to mutual with me!

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